Student Recognition

Here at Holmes, we recognize students who demonstrate the three qualities of Doing Well, Doing Good, and Leading. There are various awards and recognition that we have here to honor these students.


Given at the end of 8th grade, the tri-ship award is the highest award that a student can receive here at Holmes. Students receiving the Tri-Ship demonstrate excellence in scholarship (doing well), citizenship, (doing good)  and leadership. Students are selected by a vote of the faculty and are recognized during our school-wide awards assembly at the end of the year. 

Hornet Award:

This award is purely based on Respectful Citizen characteristics and is given one time each trimester by core team and exploratory groups at the Hornet Award Assembly. Students may only receive this award once during their time at Holmes.

Buzz AWard

Buzz Awards will be given weekly to students  who are caught doing everyday examples of, “Do Well, Do Good, and Lead.” Teachers will add their weekly winners to the Weekly Buzz so that they can be recognized by fellow students and teachers at Holmes. 

Do Well – Gold Award

To earn this award, students will need to get a 4 in BOTH Quality producer and Self-Directed Learner in an individual content area. Students who win this award will have their name displayed during the Hornet Assembly


This award is given to students who show growth in both quality producer and self-directed learner qualities in individual content areas. Students who win this award will have their name displayed during the Hornet Assembly

Do Good Award

Each trimester at the Hornet Assembly, Holmes recognizes students that  have been consistently “doing good” around the school. Examples may include: Volunteer work that takes place in  school, LMC helpers, Peer Tutors, or any other activity teachers feel shows students “doing good.”

Lead Award

The Lead Award is  given to students who consistently take the lead in the classroom or in extra-curricular activities. These students might be captains or take other leadership roles both in and outside of the classroom. Like the Do Well and the Do Good Awards, the students who receive this award are recognized at the Hornet Assembly.